About Dr. Skovira

Dr Philip Skovira is an Optometrist and a 1978 graduate of the Ohio State University College of Optometry in Columbus, Ohio.  He has been in practice in the Cleveland, Ohio area as a professional corporation under the name Philip Skovira OD Inc. Dr. Skovira practices general optometry in a friendly thorough, and informative manner. After more than 30 years in practice he is quite experienced in the fitting and prescribing of all types of contact lenses especially monovision and multifocal or bifocal contacts. One of his primary interests is in the diagnosis and treatment of convergence insufficiency- an eye muscle drift disorder-using prescribed prism reading glasses. Many of his patients with this disorder have remarked to him  that the use of their new glasses has been a life changing event for them improving their reading, comprehension and concentration abilities.  Currently Dr. Skovira is the independent Optometrist at Costco Optical, 1409 Golden Gate Blvd., Mayfield Hts, Ohio 44124.  He can be reached at 440-544-1351.